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Boost your Customers Experience with Artificial Intelligence Chatbots.
Where are your customers in the modern Internet?
In an era of instant messengers in every pocket, people strive to get information as soon as possible without leaving the scope of a single smartphone screen.

This means people want to get complete information via their mobile devices, without having to open additional tabs or downloading new applications.

Chatbots - is a new trend intended to solve these problems.
What does this information mean?
Your clients use mobile messaging and chats.
Time to start your conversation to a new level.
  • Engagement
    Engagement is difficult to generate. Chatbots are the easiest way to communicate with your customers over any other channel.
  • Support
    Having 24/7 support improves your relationships and increase retention up to 6 times.
  • Just push the Start.
    One messenger. Different solutions. Already in your contact list.
What is a chatbot?
Is there a solution for customers and popular sites in the city?
  • The most popular social network!
    Everyday we use this network for news, ads and chat with friends.
  • 6.5 million active users in UAE.
    Maybe you don't use it every day. But if you have the assistance in your contact list.
    You no necessary to check other platforms for getting information about popular entertainments in the City.
    It makes
  • All your menu on a single menu screen.
    It's the shortest way to check an information and get deals.
  • Chat&Call
    Direct communication with administrators and clients.In one screen.
Let's check out how it's seeing user.
Who we are?
The Think Smart official represents AI Today in UAE market. We unite teams and professionals engaged in AI, contributing to the market development.
    We accumulate expertise and work with the key AI technologies.
      Facebook,Telegram, Slack and other. Technical support;
      Search on the set parameters;
      Consumption of content and entertainment;
    • NLP (Natural Language Processing).
      Automation of support services. FAQ in interactive mode.
    • Automatic detection of language
      Translating voice into text.
      Technology of creating machines that can detect, track and classify objects.
      Is a class of artificial intelligence methods, the characteristic feature of which is not a direct solution of the problem, but instead training in the process of applying the solution to a set of similar problems.
      First of all, the analysis of large data, makes it easier to make more effective decisions.
    Sectors and solutions managed by our teams.
    Banking sector.
    A product for personal finance management and analysis of customer preferences, it also helps to detect cheaters due to facial recognition..
    Financial sector.
    Predictive tools, analytical tools for financial markets, as well as a number of products for Bitcoins.
    Niche B2C solutions.
    Personal fitness trainers, personal assistants, voice and video recognition.
    Products for telemedicine (collection of primary data, analysis and translation into the MIS to assist a doctor), analysis of medical data, disease forecasting, selecting best treatment methods and medicines.
    Entertaining sector.
    Photo processing, recognition of picture authors, chat bot channels for various media channels.
    Customer / client support.
    A real alternative to call centers in almost all directions.
    Shops allowing to make recommendations based on preferences, previous purchases and spending.
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